Benefits of Clay Masks For Your Skin

Benefits of Clay Mask include helps clear your skin, brighten your skin, solution for oily skin, great for hydrating dry skin, protect your skin from breaking out, restores the skin balance, has anti-microbial properties, prevents against skin diseases, oxygenating your skin cells, regulates sebum production and completely organic.

Clay masks were all the rage back in 2019; it was endorsed by almost everyone universally, from celebrities to corporates overlords.

Every company seemingly had one agenda, to jump on this bandwagon and make a few quick bucks. Today, we investigate their relevance yet again – are they still worth the hype in 2020?

But, before we get into that, let’s make sure we know the basics. How do they work? Clay has a natural ability to soak up most materials, which means when applied as a mask directly to your skin, it might help unclog your skin of toxins and give your face a brighter look.

So, then comes the question, what makes a clay mask stand out from the bulk of the products in the skincare aisle? One compound to have an eye for is Kaolin or white clay. It is an important component in pulling out oils from your skin and clearing those pores.

Keep in mind that your skin may feel tighter after its application. It can serve as an indicator of a good clay mask.



Throughout the day, dirt, oil, and pollution can build up on the surface of your skin, leaving it feeling rough. Dead skin cells also accumulate on the skin’s surface and, if they aren’t properly removed and can lead to breakouts down the line. That’s why it’s important to exfoliate regularly and remove any build-up that may be lingering on the skin’s surface. Reach for the 


If your complexion is looking kind of dull, it’s time to brighten things up by using a clay face mask. Overall skin dullness is often a result of a lack of proper exfoliation and skin maintenance. But using a clay mask like the Kayaveeda Clay Mask for just ten minutes a few times a week can help keep your complexion looking fresh and bright. 


Have oily skin? A clay mask can help mattify the appearance of your complexion for a shine-free look. Oily skin can also suffer from external factors like pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing which can damage the skin’s moisture barrier, leading to a loss of moisture. As a result, your complexion can end up looking overly shiny because your skin will work to overproduce oil to make up for the lack of moisture. 


Over time, harsh cleansing can be drying and sensitizing, leaving skin feeling uncomfortable. Also, in the wintertime, the cold, dry air can leave your skin feeling extra sensitive. As a result, the skin needs cleaning that is effective yet gentle. The right clay mask can cleanse skin gently without causing any irritation, and leave your skin looking hydrated and feeling soothed.


You can’t get rid of your pores, but you can help reduce the appearance of them. If refining your pores is a primary skin care concern for you, using a clay mask, like the Kayaveeda Clay Mask, can help minimize them. It’s formulated with red algae (an antioxidant-rich plant) and can help address rough skin, deeply clean clogged pores, and polish skin for a smooth complexion with minimized pores.


We’ve said it a million times, but we’ll say it again: letting dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and debris build up on the surface of your skin for too long will lead to breakouts. It’s inevitable—but don’t assume breaking out is simply fated. Using a clay mask two or three times a week to remove dead skin cells and purify your skin of excess oil and dirt can work wonders in helping to keep your complexion under control.


If your skin seems to fall on both ends of the spectrum—dry and oily in different zones—then you probably have combination skin. Using a clay mask can help balance combination skin and, unlike other masks, not leave it overly dry or irritated. We recommend using the multi-masking technique so that you can address all your skin care concerns at once. 

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